The Noun Song

There Are Many Types Of Different Nouns
Plurals, Possessives, And Compounds
But Today We Are Doing Specific Nouns
Listen First Then Sing A Round!

This Is The Noun Song
Listen First Then Sing Along
This Is The Noun Song
Come On Guys Sing Along

Possessives Are Nouns That Belong To You
Let’s See What You Can Do
The More You Use Them The More You Got
Come On Now Give It A Shot!
For Plural

The Students’ Don’t Have Any Homework!
Apostrophe After S Or It Doesn’t Work!
For Singular

The Student’s Dog Ate His Book!
S After Apostrophe Hey Just Look!
Dude This Isn’t A Lie,
So Come On Now Give It A Try!

This Is The Noun Song
We’ll Sing It All Day Long
This Is The Noun Song
Come On Guys Let’s Sing Along

Two Words Together Is A Contraction
Let Me See, What’s Your Reaction?
What’s, Let’s, Don’t, Can’t,
You Can Do It,
Yes You Can! ! !

This Is The Noun Song
Come On Just Sing Along
This Is The Noun Song
You Can’t Get It Wrong
So Come On Just Sing Along!

When You’re All By Yourself
And You Need More Than One
Add An -S Or -Es
Then You’ll Find Someone
Guess What That Is?
It’s A Plural Noun!

This Is The Noun Song
This Is The Noun Song
Come On Just Sing Along
This Is The Noun Song
We Sang Along

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