The Mystery Of Mercy Manor

Now I Was There Just The Other Day,
Upon Leaving, Someone Took My Hand;
“my Name’s Kate, ” An Old Lady Said,
“sir, Have You Seen My Raggedy Ann? ”

So, I Went And Bought This Raggedy Anne,
And Returned To The Exact Place;
I Said To The Clerk; “this Doll’s For Kate, ”
As Shock Came Over Her Face!

“there’s No One Here By That Name, ”
She Said To Me, All Teary Eyed;
“you See, It’s Been Thirty Five Years,
Since This Lady Named Kate Died.

It Happens Sometimes Late At Night,
While Most Residents Are Asleep;
Though The Halls Are Completely Empty,
You Can Hear The Dragging Of Feet.

When The Staff Hears The Shuffling,
They Get Up To Look Around;
But Not A Single Soul Do They See,
Even Though They Hear Strange Sounds.

Like, A Wheelchair’s Squeaky Wheels,
And Rubber Scrubbing Metal Rims;
Or, A Sleight Wheezy Breathing,
In Places Where The Hall Lights Dim.

Rumor Has It That Kate Was Left Here,
Several Long Years Ago;
Seems Her Kids Wouldn’t Take Her In,
She Had No Place Else To Go.

Her Family Had All Deserted Her,
So, In Loneliness She Would Cry;
All She Had Was A Raggedy Ann,
That She Kept Close By Her Side.

Often, Sadness Would Overwhelm Her,
For Night After Night She Would Cry;
Then Some Of The Staff Mistreated Her,
And Secretly Hoped That She Would Die.

Also To Punish Her For Crying,
Her Precious Dolly They Would Hide;
Until Late One Night, Her Crying Ceased,
As In Loneliness Kate Finally Died.

That Night Her Dolly Was Missing,
Her Pillow Was Soaked With Tears;
She Was Buried With Fingers Reaching,
Still Longing For Her Dolly Dear.

It Seems The Residents Can See Her,
For They Smile, And Mumble Her Name;
Some Visitors Think They’re Just Crazy,
While The Staff Assume It’s A Game.

They Say She Still Wanders The Halls,
Searching For Her Raggedy Anne;
And Occasionally Some Visitor Will Swear,
That An Old Lady Grabbed Their Hand

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