The Moment I Open Your Box

The Moment I Open Your Box
I See My Life Changed You Know
Feels Like There’s Only Me N You
Sharing Our Lives

Your Toys
Your Letters
All The Creative Stuff
They Decorate My Life
Makes Me Colorful

I’ll Be Plain Without You
Missing You In Front Of Me
I’ll Make It
I’ll Steal You Away From You

I’ll Make You Mine
I Promise
We’ll Make It For Sure
I’m Determent

We Will Live A Brand New Life
Sorry! Watching You After A Long Time
I Can’t Stop Crying
I Love You

You Are My Desire
My Dream
My Destiny
I’ll Bear Anything For You

I’m Ready
I’m Prepared
My Wishes
My Ecstasy

My Love
All I Share With You
All Is Worth When You Say
You Love Me Too

Life Is Beautiful With You
Be Careful My Love
Let Life Be An Open Road
That We Can Run Anywhere

We Want To
Don’t Be Tied
Be Free
To Fly With No Worries

Work Hard
Get The Best
God’s With Us

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04 Nov 2008 No Comment 5

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