The Meaning Of Life

That Is The Question Asked By Everyone,
In The Cosmos
Why The Planets
Why The Sun.
In The Infinite Depths Were Stars Begun
Why The Earth,
Alive By The Warming Sun.
Why The Moon
Hanging On The Roof Line
As The Coyote Points To Give A Whine.
Deep In The Microwave Background
Were Galaxies Dwell, People Like Einstein
Galileo Make Their Secrets Tell And Now
In The Dawning Of Digital Knowledge
Stored In The Realm Of Cosmology College.
Secrets Revealed From Light Years Away

Make No Mistake God Made The Big Shebang,
That’s How It Started The Bells Have Rang.

We Already Live In Heaven
On Earth’s Blue Wonder Planet,
And For Man The Meaning Of Life –
Is With His Wife.
Not To Sit And Read Poetry On Love And Desire
But Get Out There And Put Out Their Lovin’ Fire,
To Fill Their Dna Tree With A Happy Loving Family.
Kick The Blues
Grab Unhappiness By The Neck And Abort,
In The Universal Scheme Of Things Life Is Very Short, So With
Gods Blessing Of Life-
Maybe Some Strife Whatever Your Lot
Love Thy Neighbour, Be Kind, And Help One Another,
Listen To Gods Call
That You Remember
You Are So Important To Us All.

Ken E Hall

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