The Man Couldn’t Make Up His Mind

A Gentile But A Believer
A Roman But Not Just Ordinary Citizen
-He Was The Governor Keeping The Relation Between Kingdom And Empire
And To Ensure The Tribute For The Glory Of Rome
-He Was The Representative Of The Emperor To His Allies And Province
And To Watch And To Protect The Interest Of Rome.
Pontius Pilate Was The Man Of Authority
-Between Herod And Caesar
-Between Israel And Rome
-Between The Commoner And The Elite
He Was To Scale The Details And Its Loophole
-About The Truth And The Falsehood
-About The Innocence And The Guilt
-About The Victim And The Criminal.
The Prime Of Power Was On His Hand
The Same Power That Hunted Him To His Fear
About The Trial Wrapped With Intrigue And Malice
About The Man From Nazareth
-Hailed As The King Of The Jews, But Ridiculed As Folly
-Proclaimed As The Messiah, But Accused Of Blasphemous Celebrity
About The Elders, Who Disturbed By The Silence Of This Man
But To Relies The Man Would Mean He Denied Caesar
But To Kill This Man Would Mean He Denied Justice
Alas! He Has To Do Something
-To Appease The Heart Of The Accuser
-To Allow The Man To Face His Fate
-To Design An Excuse To Bring Him Peace
Because Still He Couldn’t Make Up His Mind.

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