The Last Look I Cant Forget

The Last Look I Cant Forget
The Gentle Kiss I Wont Regret.
The Endless Moments By Your Side,
The Blissful Joy That You Provide.

The Light That Dances In Your Eyes,
The Touch That Takes Me By Surprise;
The Smile That Reflects On My Face,
The Gorgeous Soul That I Embrace.

The Heart That Gives In Many Ways,
The Love In Me That Always Stays.
The Explicit Laugh That’ll Never Die,
This Luminous Presence That Makes Me Sigh.

The Echoing Voice That Chimes As A Bell,
The Irresistible Charm That Puts Me Under Your Spell.

The Only One Who Can Bring Me Bliss,
The Person I So Dearly Miss;
The One Who Makes Wrong Into Right,
The One That Makes My Days So Bright.

There Are Many Things That I Don’t Know,
Though I Know That I’ll Never Let You Go.
Retracing Our Steps To The First Day We Met,
You Are The One That I’ll Never Forget.

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