The Fire

Sleeping Peacefull In My Bed Only To Be Woken To See Firey Red.
My Room All Aglow In An Eerie Light. I Felt As Though Slow Motion Was Reining My Life.
No Thought Came To Mind, No Panic Or Crime.
I Flew From My Bed With A Loud Beep Ringing In My Head.
Standing In Their Room I Watched In Horror As Flames Lapped At The Toes Of Children In Full Slumber.
No Time To Think, No Time To Scream, Action Was The Only Thing.
Grabbing My Son Oh How I Was Numb.
I Drug Him Out Of Bed.
Then Turning My Head, Oh God,
Where Was My Daughter?
Behind Me She Stood, And Scarred Cause She Understood.
I Gathered My Baby In My Arms Yelling For Those To Leave The Apartment.
Oh God What A Crime My Husband Stayed Behind.
He Wanted Toput Out The Fire.
To Late! You Can’t! It Is Out Of Your Hands! Come On Get Out Of The Apartment!
Once Down The Stairs I Chilled And Said Oh No, I Am Missing A Baby!
Three Children In Tow I Sat Them In The Road And Ran Back Up The Stairs To The Apartment.
Thank God, By Then Neighbors Were Carring For Them, My Thought Only On My Daughter.
Reaching The Door I Saw The Man Bent Over.
I Can’t Find Her He Shouted As I Yanked Him Past Me So I Could Enter.
Nothing But Urgency Had Room To Go Through Me. I Stepped Into The Smoke And Fire.
I Remember No Noise But That Of My Daughters.
Keep Crying I Yelled, Keep Crying So I Can Find You.
No Seeing Was Possible.
The Smoke Was Impoossible
Breathing Was Just As Dificult.
Keep Crying I Said
I Am Coming I Am Coming Just Keep Crying
Finally The Greatest Moment To Ever Know Was Finding Her Little Body.
Still Intact And Scarred
We Got The Hell Out Of There.
I Never Want To Relive That Momment

More Shayari by Cherri Oswald
28 Aug 2008 No Comment

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