The Fight

I Could Hear Me Screaming
I Could Feel My Eyes Twitching
I Could Hear My Breathing
And I Could See Your Face Withering

Like Those Soft Velvety Buds
Of A Tiny Maple Sapling
That Was Dancing With The Wind
Wilting In The Noon Sun

I Could See Your Eyes Filling Up
Filling Up Faster Faster And Faster
I Could See You Trying To Talk
Just Trying But Nothing Being Said

My Heart Is Thumping Thumping Hard
Someone Deep Inside Shouting At Me
Enough That Is Enough You Idiot Stop
But I Could Hear Me Screaming…. Screaming At You…

Finally Finally There Was No More To Say
Making Me Walk Away… Walk Away Fast
So I Can Avoid Seeing Your Eyes
Filled To The Brim And Your Stuttering Lips

To Walk Away… Away To The Garden
To The Bench Under The Cypress Tree
The Evergreen Evergreen
To Sit… And To Cry….
Hiding My Head In My Hands..

Darkness Started Seeping
From Under The Bushes
Flowing Across The Lawn
Covering The Garden

My Heart Was Empty
So Were My Eyes
Only The Dried Streams
Sticky On My Cheeks

When I Felt Your Fingers
Lightly On My Shoulder
“I… I Am Sorry Darling…”
We Both Said At The Same Time…!

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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