The Fallen

The Arching Of My Back ~
No Sexual Thing, I ~
Am Just Loosening These Wings
So The Sun’s Goodnight
Will Likewise, Bless Me
But, They Are Falling Away
On Feathered Point Into The Sea ~
And This, This, Be My Only Offering
Shall My Weep, My Goddess Tears
Construct Tidal Waves
Carving New Earth Beneath Unlearned Feet, I ~
I Will Leap ~ For You, And You, And You, And You
To Catch You, Unharmed
Even In The Descent, To The End Of, Me
‘Tis Not For Me To Love, If I Know Not It’s Meaning
‘Tis Not For Me To Know It’s Meaning, If Never I Hear The Love
Yet ~ I Do It
For It Is The Reason, The ~
Reason Of Me
Kiss The Nape And Know My Name
Taste The Kiss And, Know My Heaven
Between The Scars, The Center Of Me
Where Wings Are No More And ~ And, I Bleed Freely
Then Be Blessed, Knowing ~
The Arching Of My Back ~
Be No Sexual Thing, I ~
Am Just Loosening This Spine, This Wingless Thing
So The Sun’s Goodnight
Will Likewise, Bless Me. . .

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment

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