The Crowd Of Loneliness

The Silence Is Killing
With Loneliness Gapeing
Making Me Feel Like A Weird Person
I Am Marooned In This
Thronged World…..
In The Forest Of Silence…
The Fruits Bear No Humane….
The World Being Mechanic..
The Deadly Hunt For Existence…
Making The Innerself Die..
In This Plethora Of Spryness
Where Is The Human…
Who Loved The Life..
In This Chaos N Chasm
With The Human On Avalance
Where Is The Human Who
Loved The Life Charm……
The Cry Of Loneliness Is Lost
With The Cover Of Success Lying At The Top
With The Words Of Soul
Gets No Ears & The
Outer World Sneers…..
With The Innerself Crying
I M Lost
‘The Silence Killing
& The Loneliness Gapeing’

More Shayari by Srishti Shrivastava
26 Aug 2008 No Comment 3

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