The Cowards Kiss

I am i coward for never fufilling my wish,
(as this poem shall tell),
My wish of your kiss.

Yet you never loved me,
Or half-matched my feelings for you,
For while over others you lingered,
My love for you stayed true.

Then near a year later,
Only then did i get the chance,
To try and make you share,
My long for sweet,sweet romance.

I asked you out on the 19th,
(or atleast so i think)
And that nite we went,
To the Skating Rink.

We had quite a blast,
I wished time to bend,
But alas it did not,
And the nite came to an end.

As we stood there and said our goodbyes,
I got lost in your beautiful lovely blue eyes,
I sank willingly into them, they led me amiss,
And made me forget that i was intent on a kiss.

And i shall always wonder,
How stupidly i had done wrong,
And how self-destructivly i had,
Thrown you back into the throng.

How stupid i had been,
To have fear of rejection,
For you were practially begging,
For some love twords your direction.

So honestly i dont deserve you,
Your better off with someone else.

But still in my heart,
i shall love you forever,
And that shall always be,
My greatest endeavor.

by Arkansaspoet 

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03 Jul 2008 No Comment

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