The Colors Of My Lifeaa

Imagine Your Feelings And Emotions
As Tints, Color And Hues
Would Your Life’s Notes
Be A Color Of Skies Or Blue Of Oceans?

Just Like A Box Full Of Crayons
My Life Has Been A Whirl Of Tints
With Love And Living
Getting Married And Having Sons

You And I Are The Shades Of My Life
They Are Highlighted With The Kaleidoscope
With Myriads Of Pastels And Colors
For You Are My Friend, Confidant, My Wife

You Painted My World With Colors
And Tiled It With Marble Floors
You Are The Joy And Happiness
That Melts My Sorrow And Sadness

The Tint Of The Birth Of My Sons Divine’
That Made My Heart Soar Like A Hawk
Is A Hallmark Of My Life
And Can Only Be The Color Of Sunshine

I Know It Sounds So Old
But The Color I Treasure So
Is The Color On My Finger
It Is Ring That Is A Band Of Gold.

My Time Is Short This I Know
What Color Is This I See?
Certainly No Gray Or Black
My Love Has Given Me The Rainbow

So My Love , Let’s Not Cry Or Fret
For You Are My Canvass And My Brush
And My World Has Been Full
With The Colors On My Life’s Palette

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