The Cave

A Box
With 1 Window,1 Tv, And Purple Walls
She Called It A Cave

Caves Are For Meditation
Chinese Hermits In The Snow
Incense Down The Mountain Wind
And Meditate I Did

On What I Was
Where I Could Belong
And If I Had The Strength
To Face The Morning

For The Morning Spells
Another Diem To Carpe
But I Know It Never Will Be:

It Is Another Day
For My Ice To Melt
And Wear Thinner

One Day It Will Crack
And I Fear
I Will Not Have The Strength
To Swim Any More

Despair Always Conquers Hope
But Perhaps
Despair Can Be Conquered By Indifference

So Maybe If I Let It Go
Like A Tree Rolled By The Wind
I Can Step Out Of My Cave
And Not Be Chilled By The Snow

More Shayari by William Prothero
28 Jun 2008 No Comment

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