The Best Man

From Many Years Of Experience, I Know That It Is True
That A Wonderful Man Can Exist, And The Credit Is Overdue
I’ve Learned From Life And Living, And From Men That I Have Known
That The Very Best Man I Can Think Of, Is Right There In My Home

I’ve Often Overlooked Him, When I Envision The Perfect Man
But In My Heart I Know He’s Special, And I Am His Biggest Fan
I Couldn’t Ask For Better, Men Like Him Are Very Rare
He’s Sensitive And Caring, And Of Himself He Gladly Shares

We Compliment Each Other, In Most Things That We Do
Working Hard To Build A Life, The Weight Is Shared By Two
So Off To Work We Go, To Bring Home Our Weekly Pay
And We Try To Save A Little, For Our Life In Future Days

We Raise Our Son Together, And Respect Each Others Views
And We Divvy Up His Kisses And The Discipline When It’s Due
I Push Hard On Education; He Gives Him Time To Play
And We Teach Him Of Life’s Lessons, So His Soul Won’t Go Astray

He Is An Ideal Father; He’s Tough Yet Still He’s Kind
With Solid Advice And Counsel, No Better You Will Find
He Would Never Strike In Anger, No Matter What The Cause
For Children Just Like Adults, All Come With A Few Flaws

He’s The Man That Lifts Me Up, When I Am Feeling Blue
With Words To Ease My Sorrows, His Love Is Tried And True
He Would Never Leave Me Lonely, Or Deliberately Hurt My Heart
And The Life We’ve Built Together, He Wouldn’t Tear Apart

He’s Level When I’m Unstable; And Strong When I Am Weak
And His Gentle Loving Nature Ignores My Stubborn Streak
Always Kind And Helpful, And Committed To Our Lives
He Knows Its “give And Take” To Make A Marriage Thrive

We Don’t Always See Eye-To-Eye, Sometimes We Disagree
It’s The Price You Have To Pay, As Relationships Aren’t Free
But We Always Work It Out; Try To Find The Middle Ground
It Helps Us Learn And Grow, And It Keeps Our Union Sound

I Know That I Am Difficult; I’m Not An Easy One To Please
And He Often Just Gives In, In An Effort To Appease
He’s Not Jealous Or Overbearing, He Gives Me Room To Roam
Yet He’s There With Open Arms, So I Never Feel Alone

He’s Both Generous And Thoughtful, And I Appreciate
That He Never Even Mentions, When I Gain A Little Weight
He Always Says He Loves Me, No Matter What My Size
You See, I Count Myself As Lucky, Cause He’s A Hero In My Eyes

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31 Dec 2019 No Comment 8

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