The Aniversary

I Dusted Off My Old Shoes
And Black Suit
I’ve Got So Many Reasons To Be Sad Today
I Woke To A Hallucination Of You
Laying Next To Me
The Sun Catching Your Eyes Just Right
And Setting Your Crystal Line Gaze Ablaze
Oh How I Long To Burn In Your Sight Just One More Time
As I Shuffle Down The Hall To The Kitchen
Your Shadow Skips Along With Me
Like A Phantom, You Sit In The Chair Across The Table
And Watch Me Eat My Cheerios
With A Smile On Your Translucent Face
And A Vacant Space In Your Place
I Put On My Coat And Head Down Town
And You Decide To Follow
Your White Sunday Dress
Hanging Off Your Hollow Frame
And Swaying Gently As You Keep Pace
I Don’t Want You Around Today Though
I Tell The Flower Shop Sales Man
He Smiles Politely But He Doesn’t Understand
So I Slowly Make My Way Up To Timber Lane
And Slip Through The Rod Iron Gate
I Walk By Others Meeting Their Loved Ones
Telling Stories Of How Johnny Took His First Steps Today
Or How Jim Finally Got Out Of Prison
Or Just How Hard It Is
Now That They Aren’t Around
And I Walk Up To You
Laying In The Ground
Flowers All Around
And I Just Have Some More To Add To Your Collection
I Talk For A While As You Listen Contently
And I Hold Back A Tear
Because Even Though I Know You’re In A Better Place
I Still Wish You Were Here

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02 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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