Thank You God For Your Answer

Wishing And Praying To The Good Lord In The Heavens Above.
Please Send Me Someone To Care For And Love.

Give Me A Child With Wonder And Joy In His Eyes.
I Will Be So Thankful And Will Keep My Eye On The Prize.

Molding And Trying To Make A Responsible Adult.
Praying For God’s Answer Was Awfully Hard, Often With No Result.

Wanting A Baby Would Define My Life When I Was In My Twenties.
All Parents Were Young And It Was So Hip And Who Care If We Had Pennies.

Who Can Afford Diaper And Formula To Feed.
So Many Others Do It And They Have Needs.

We Would Raise A Child With Love And Devotion.
We Told God That Was Our Very Notion.

Nothing Happened As The Years Passed By We Gave Up Trying For The Lord Said No.
We Went Through Hardships And Trials That Molded Our Lives Even More So.

Our Thirties Hit We Straightened Out Our Act.
We Took Hold Of Our Responsibilities Back.

We Came Upon The Greatest Gift And Love Of All.
A Struggling Young Couple That Was About To Fall.

They Came To Us With Fear In Their Eyes.
Please Take Our Baby And Adopt Him, Raise Him With Pride.

We Went Through Your Birth And Then Remembered Our Desperate Prayers.
God Never Said No He Just Said My Child Wait, You Will Have A Story To Share.

God Was Busy Making Us Into Parents For Our Baby Boy.
He Knew Early On We Would Blow It And Not Find Him A Joy.

We Were Not Ready To Be Parents In The Time Before.
The Time Now Was Right And We Knew To Our Core.

The Adoption Went Forward Without A Single Hitch.
God Was In The Process Of Making Us Blessed And Enriched.

I Am Glad For The Bigger Picture At Hand.
God Took Charge And Created Our Plan.

I Pray To God Everyday To Give Me The Strength To Listen And Love.
So I Can Raise My Son To Be A Follower Of God, Teach Him What He Is Made Of

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28 Aug 2008 No Comment

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