Teri Amaanat

Hai Meri Saanse Teri Amaanat,
E Mere Sanam,Mili Hai Mujhko Teri Muhobbat,
Hai Yeh Tera Karam,Jau Teri Chaahat Mili Na Hoti,
Sau Dilki Mefil Sajee Na Hoti,Yeh Zindagi,Zindagi Na Hoti,
Agar Milte Na Hum, Sunaayen Aankhe, Tere Fasaane,
Hai Dhadkanon Mein,Tere Taraane,Khudaa Muhobbat Ka Tujhko Maane,
Dil Teri Kasam, Tun Dil Mein Armaan Yun Ban Ke Rahnaa,Wafaa Ki Pehchaan,
Yun Ban Ke Rahna, Sanam Tun Meri Jaan Ban Ke Rahna,Tun Janam Janam.

More Shayari by Shailesh Ladwa
18 Jan 2008 No Comment 9

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