Tere Varga Mainu Kite Hor Na Miliya

Tere Varga Mainu Kite Hor Na Miliya
Ta Hi Duniya Di Bhirr Wicho Churaya Hai Tainu

Tere Bina Mere Hor Vi Ne Aapne
Lakh Rishta Chhad Ke Apnaya Hai Tainu

Meri Jind Tere Bina Bejaan Mainu Lage
Aapni Jaan To Jiada Yaara Chahiya Hai Tainu

Duniya Na Tainu Kade Labh Sakegi
Ta Hi Mai Aasi Jagah Chhupaya Hai Tainu

Dil Wich Tainu Rakhiya Nahi Kyon Dil Eh Kach Varga
Main Ta Hi Rom Rom Wich Vasaya Hai Tainu

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24 Jul 2008 No Comment 21

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