Tere Lams-E-Dast-E-Hasiin Kii

Tere Lams-E-Dast-E-Hasiin Kii
Dil Aavez Khushbuu
Terii Ungaliyon Se
Merii Ungaliyon Men

Guzaratii Huii Jab
Hathelii Men Utarii To Main Ne
Ise Dasht-E-Tishanaa
Men Kuchh Is Tarah Se Sametaa

Ke Mahafuuz Kar
Luungaa Shaayad Abad Tak
Main Apane Liye
Sirf Apane Liye

Teraa Husn-E-Shaguftaa
Gumaan Se Hasiin Khvaab Tak
Main Ne Mahafuuz Tujh Ko Kiyaa

Paaon Se Sar Talak Ho Gayaa Main Munavvar
[Lams = Touch; Dast = Hands;
Dil Aavez = Pleasant/pelasurable]

[Dasht = Wilderness/desert;
Tishanaa = Thirst; Sametaa = To Gather]
[Mahafuuz = Protect/safe;
Abad = Eternity; Jamaal  = Beauty]

[Darakhshaan = Resplendent;
Shaguftaa = ; Gumaan = Doubt/suspicion]
[Munavvar = Illuminated]

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