Tere Her Ehsas Ka Ehsas Hai Mujhe

Tere Her Ehsas Ka Ehsas Hai Mujhe
Apni Zindagi Main Ek Talash Hai Mujhe

Kahni Hain Bohat Si Batain Mager
Teri Narazgi Ka Guman Hai Mujhe

Kash K Kabhi Asa Ho K Bin Kahai Samhaji Tu Mari Her Bat
Mager Yeh Na Hoga Kabhi Iska Yaqeen Hai Mujhe

Asai Hi Ek Khayl Hai K Tu Mujh Sai Pochai
Kai Woh Talash Hai Koun

Main Sirf Or Sirf Yahi Kahongi K Teri Talashi Hai Mujhe
Han Teri Talash Hai Mujhe

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01 Dec 2008 No Comment 5

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