Tere Bin Jeena Mushkil Lagta Hain

Tere Bin Jeena Mushkil Lagta Hain
Kyonki Apna Sabkuch Tujhme Lagta Hain

Jee Na Paaye To Kam Se Kam Mar To Jaayenge
Per Agale Janam Mein Tujhe Jarur Paayenge

Per Agale Janam Mein Bhee Na Mil Paaye To
Bata Fir Hum Kahan Jaayenge?

Firto Issi Tarah Tadap Tadap Kar Fir Mar Jaayenge
Tere Saath To Her Safar Mumkin Lagta Hai Per

Tu Nhi To Jeena Mushkil Lagta Hain
Haan Tere Bin Jeena Mushkil Lagta Hain

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26 Aug 2008 No Comment 3,412

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