Tere Bagair Ye Ab Zindagii Kahaan Guzare

Tere Bagair Ye Ab Zindagii Kahaan Guzare
Qadam Qadam Pe Tere Saath Kaa Gumaan Guzare

[Bagair = Without; Gumaan = Suspicion/deception]

Ye Din Jo Dhiire Se Phisalaa To Shaam Ke Manzar
Tere Bagair Udaasii Ke Daramiyaan Guzare

[Phisalanaa = To Slip; Manzar = View; Daramiyaan = (Steeped)in]

Vo Ashk Huun Ki Sar-E-Raah Gir Gayaa Thaa Kabhii
Uthaa Sakaa Na Koii Kitane Kaaravaan Guzare

[Sar-E-Rah = On The Road/by The Roadside]

Main Khushk Hoke Bikharataa Rahaa Huun Pairon Men
Bahut Zamaanaa Huaa Mujh Pe Kashtiyaan Guzare

[Khushk = Dry; Kashtii = Boat]

Tere Badan Kaa Aalaao Ho Merii Saanson Mein
Kabhii Vo Lamhaa Bhii Ik Baar Jaan-E-Jaan Guzare

[Aalaao = Storehouse Of Fire]

Ye Baat Ab Bhii Nahiin Hai Kisii Se Kahane Kii
Tamaam Sajde Tere Dar Se Raayagaan Guzare

[Tamaam = All; Sajde = Prayers/to Bow; Raayagaan = Futile]

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