Tears And Smiles In Love

Grayish Sky Was Painted With Colors That Soothe Me.
Withered Flowers Bloom, Boasting Their Wondrous Beauty.
Abundant Fruits Were Shown Off By The Lifeless Tree.
All Are Trying To Explain How Beautiful Life Can Be.

Those Were Only Realized Since I Met You.
Yet You’re Blind To See The Wonders Around You.
Glowing Eyes Were Replaced With The Furious One.
And It Keeps You From Seeing The Efforts I’ve Done.

Mocking Words Were Swallowed With Pride.
Letting Them Digested And Hide It Inside.
Grateful To My Tears That Wash Away The Pain,
As They Fell Down My Cheeks With The Drops Of Pouring Rain.

Never Allow My Words To Meet The Flame Of Your Rage.
Choosing The Best Words That Fit The King’s Stage.
For As You’re Physically Million Miles Away From Me,
And So Your Status Is To Me.

I Stretched Forth My Hands To Reach Your Place.
I Tried To Fly And Counted Down The Remaining Days.
Yet I Broke My Wings With My Own Weaknesses.
And From Then, Time Had Eaten Your Glowing Cheerfulness.

You’re In Pedestal And I Am On The Ground.
Yet I Know From Within, Love Is What I’ve Found.
You Don’t Need To Be An Angel For Me,
For Love Accepts And Knows No Boundary.

Music Is Sweeter When Played With Harmony,
So We Are, Despite Our Differences.
Behind Those Tears Are The Smiles Of Angels.
Singing Songs Of Love Saying We Are Meant To Be.

by Flerry

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