She’s Not Sad,
Doesn’t Appear To Be From The Outside,
But I Can Tell By The Car She Drives,
She Is, It’s Hard To Hide,
The Ageing Renault With The Wiper Missing,
Lost To Some Romance,
He Took A Blade To Remember Her By,
I’m Giving Her A Lift For The Annual Mot,
She Says, Don’t Wait For Me, This Could Take A While,
But I’m Happy To Spend The Time
To Get To Know What Makes Her Tick Inside.

A Sole Spring Pokes Through
Worn Car Seat Skin, Sticks Deep In
A Thigh Long Untouched

The Engine Is Running A Little Rough, She Says,
As She Sits Up, Looking Straight Ahead,
Her Head A Blonde Mane, Ringlets, Curls
Down To Her Ample Chest
Holding In Regrets, Stifled Breaths,
A Heart Without Valves Like A Pressure Cooker
With No Vents, I Know That Kind Of Car,
It’ll Fail Any Emotional Test.

That Quiet Not Quite
Uncomfortable, The Speed
Bumps Punctuate Thoughts

I Used To Be A Car That Old, I Say To Break The Ice,
Before I Met My Wife,
Lucky You, She Smiles, Polite,
Do You Mind If I Roll Down The Window,
No, That’s Fine, Yeah, My Car Isn’t New Either
And Has Its Share Of Scrapes, Bumps, Bruises,
Broken Hearts That Seemed Like They Wouldn’t Mend,
A Chassis Cracked And Bent For The Scrap Yard,
Yet Saved In Time To Be Rebuilt, At A Cost,
Devotion To A Dying Automobile Was My Wife’s Greatest Loss,
Neither Of Us Are Terribly Happy,
But I Don’t Talk About Me,

Cracks On The Pavement,
Reflected In Her Sunglasses,
From Her Tired Eyes

I Wait For Her To See Something Up Ahead
And Recognize It For What It Is, Hope,
Potential, Another Car Like Hers With Matching Dents
And A Rumble Under The Bonnet With Bird Shit On It,
Look, I Say, That One There, Looks Like Yours Doesn’t It,
But She Hasn’t Got The Strength Or Time To Lift Her Mind
From Thoughts Of Roads Taken, Turns Missed,
And Bumpers Kissed To Disastrous End,
I Get Her Home And Ask If She Needs A Lift
To Pick It Up When It Is Done,

Brake Release, A Sigh,
Free Rolling Wheels, Mental Cogs
Turning Emotion

Her Full-Beam Headlights Shine,
No, She Says, Stares, Blinding Me,
I Might Just Leave It There,
I’m Trading It In Anyway,
No Need To Fight The Old Me Anymore,
It Won’t Take Me Where I Want To Go,
I’ll See More From A New Perspective With Bigger Windows,
A Smoother Ride, And Room Enough For Two Inside.
Her Chest Rises And Drops, Free, Not Tight,
Creases Of Smiles Once Tried Return,
Hiding The Cracks That Had Her Bent,
Spent Years Wondering Why This Car Doesn’t Run Right,
Only To Find It Wasn’t The Car, It Was The State Of Mind.

Shifting Spinning Gears,
The Hair On His Hand Tickles
Hers As They Collide

She’s Right, She Needs The Change
And As I Let Her Go, I Know She’s Okay,
I Roll Down The Window So She Can Hear Me Say,
It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Girl That Was
And Find A You That Fits A Wider World.
She Nods And Grins, As Do I,
And Without Looking Back,
I Pushed The Petal Away.

More Shayari by David E. Oprava
03 Sep 2008 No Comment

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