Tattered And Torn

My Heart Is So Heavy
And Tattered And Torn
Within My Soul There Is..
Many A Thorn

Doing My Best You See
Will Never Be Good Enough For Thee
Maybe I Should Go To Rest
This I Think Will Be The Very Best

I Know A Promise Broken
Is So Hard To Mend
But I Am Not Here To Judge
Or To Bend

We All Make Small And Big Mistakes
And Then We Ask To Be Pardoned
But So High Are The Stakes
Not It My Hands To Make Amends

If I Close My Eyes
I Can Dream Again
And Pretend All Is Right
Then This Battle I Will Not Have To Fight

Convicted And Sentenced
And No Pardons Are Even Considered
Why Do This To Me
When I So Love Thee

Look Into My Heart
Touch This Lost Soul
See What You Find
Only One Of A Kind

Search Here And There
Search The Whole World Over
From Denver To Clover
But Another Me You Will Never Find!

So Before It Is To Late
Make Up Your Mind
And Tell Me True
That We Are Not Waiting For Fate.

No Longer That Tin Soldier Girl
Left Alone On The Shelf
As Soldiers Girls Also Have Hearts
But Not Hearts Of Concrete And Steel

I Leave You Treasures Of My Heart
Written With Love For You
Footprints In The Sand
And A Kiss Upon Your Cheek

My Heart Is So Heavy
And Tattered And Torn
Within My Soul There Is..
Many A Thorn!

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05 Jul 2008 No Comment

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