Tareyan Di Shaan Howe

Tareyan Di Shaan Howe,
Har Pal Tere Naam Howe,

Chan Wi Hungare Dewe,
Bata De Shara Dewe,

Badal Wi Gwahi Deen,
Cha’nn Naal Slahi Pain,

Aessi Sohni Raat Howe,
Jad,Tera Mera Saath Howe.

Akha Wich Akha Pa,
Duniya Nu Bhul Jaiye,

Dharti Di Rait Wangu,
Inj Assi(Ik Duje Ch) Ruul Jaiye,

Smandar Da Kinara Howe,
Bus Tera Hi Sahara Howe,

Aessi Ruba Raat Howe,
Jud Sadi Mulakat Howe,

Han,Assi Sohni Raat Howe,
Te Bus Tera Hi Saath Howe.

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