Tang Dil Waale Hue Hain Sare Aaj

Tang Dil Waale Hue Hain Sare Aaj Thikane Kya Kehne
Ki Milne Wale, Karein Bechare, Aaj Bahane Kya Kehne.

Bholi Surtein, Dekh Ke Bante, Aaj Fasane Kya Kehne,
Jab-Jab Milte, Tab-Tab Bunte Khwaab Suhane Kya Kehne.

Karz Mein Dube, Yaar Ki Khatir,Aaj Khazane Kya Kehne,
Ab Nahin Jalte, Chiragon Per Bhi,Ye Perwane Kya Kehne.

Raat Mein Bajte, Meethe-Meethe, Aaj Tarane Kya Kehne,
Marghut Mein Ab,Chhup-Chhup Milte, Aaj Dewane Kya Kehne.

Sazti Hain Ab Swargon Mein Bhi Aaj Dukane Kya Kehne,
Ik-Ik Karke, Her Ruh Pahunche, Hisab Chukane Kya Kehne.

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12 Sep 2008 No Comment 16

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