Tang Aa Kar Zindagi Se Ik Roz

Tang Aa Kar Zindagi Se Ik Roz,
Humne Zehar Piya,

Maut Kareeb To Aayi Hamaare,
Magar Hame Na Chuaa

Tum To Sabko Sahara De Deti Ho” Humne Poocha
Fir Hamein Kyun Na Saharaa Diya

Kuch Ruk Kar, Kuch Hans Karr Maut Ne Hamse Kaha,
Zindagi Jisne Thaamaa Tumhe Ta-Umr,

Ik Pal Ke Liye Usne Kyaa Tumhhe Ruswaa Kiya,
Tumne To Saath Uska Hameshaa Ke Liye Chod Diya

Tum To Saath Mera Bhi Chod Doge,
Bewaafa Tumhara Kya Bharosa,

Tumhaara Kya Bharosa

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11 Dec 2008 No Comment 8

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