Take Me Back To That Land Of Joy

Take Me Back To That Land Of Joy,
The More I Think,The More I Enjoy,

The Dusty Roads And Bushes Round,
The Butterflies That Flied Around,

With Lovely Flowers All The Way,
And Pocket Full Of Cherries That Made My Day,

With Singing Birds And Wandering Thoughts,
Aiming The Fruits With Great Shots,

Ballons And Water Bubbles Filled The Sky,
With Kites That Fly’d Still High,

Running Thru The Fields And Swimming In Cold Streams,
Climbing The Rocky Hills And Tumbling Down In Great Speeds,

Forests,Mountains And The Beach Shore,
What Would I Wish More?

In Rainy Days With Paper Boats That Sailed,
With Muddy Hands We Sang And Played,

The Pets That Licked And Made Us Run,
Oh..We Had So Much Of Fun

The Woods That Led Us Far And Wild
The Creepy Sounds Hearing Which We Cried,

With Pebbles That Hit The Lanes
Fights And Falls,But Sweet Were The Pains,

Take Me Back To That Land Of Joy
I Wish To Be There

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17 Oct 2008 No Comment 1

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