Sweet Nicole

Sweet Nicole
Everyday I Wake Up With My Head In The Ground,
And I Don’t Have The Strength To Look Around.
Promises, Oh Promises They’re All That I Hear,
But The Chance Of One Breaking Has Got Me Living In Fear.

I’ve Been Walking Like A Monk With My Feet Dragging Behind,
And I Can’t Seem To Shake This One From My Mind.
You Can Blame It On Your Daddy, Blame It On What You Need.
Take It Out On Yourself And Everybody You See.
But I’ll Still Say,
No, No, No, No,
No, No, No.
Sweet Nicole.

There’s Times I Can’t Find Reason To Live Another Day,
And There’s Times I Sit And Wonder If Maybe We Could Find A Way.
But Times Are For Passing So Don’t Call Me Dear,
And If You See Me On The Street Just Be Aware,
That I’ll Still Say,
No, No, No, No,
No, No, No.
Sweet Nicole.

I Know You Cut And Cry,
But There’s Nothing I Can Do.
I Wish You The Best, And I Know You’ll Find It Too.
But You See What I’m Saying, When I Say That I Say,
If Heaven Could Help Us Then Maybe I Would Pray.
But Your Promises They Don’t Mean That Much To Me,
So I Still Say,
No, No, No, No,
No, No, No
Sweet Nicole.
Sweeter Than You’ll Ever Know.

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28 Aug 2008 No Comment

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