Sunee Tanha Raato

Sunee Tanha Raato Kee Bhee Hain Apni Ekk Kahani
Bistar Kee Salwate Keh Rahi Hain Bechani Kee Kahani

Geele Takiye Kee Nami Bataati Hain
Raat Ankhon Mein Tha Neend Kaa Basera

Ya Behta Raha In Se Pani
Uljhi Laten, Suni Aankhein

Kar Gayi Sab Nadanee,
Bhatakta Raha Dil Raat Bhar

Kisi Kii Talash Mein
Kisi Anbujhi Pyas Ko Mitaane Kii Aas Mein

Per Haath Jo Aaya Woh Sirf Ekk Saya Tha
Jise Usne Apni  Bistar Kii Salwato

Takiye Kii Nami
Aur Suni Ankhon Mein Chipaya Tha

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23 Sep 2008 No Comment 13

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