Sunane Ko To Bahut Kuch Hai

Sunane Ko To Bahut Kuch Hai
Magar Kahan Se Shuruvat Karun

Bahut Dhokhebaaz Duniya Mein Aaye
Kiski Baat Mein Pehle Karun

Yeh Duniya To Bahut Badi Hai
Kiske Aage Apni Fariyad Karun

Aansu To Bahut Aate Hain
Kyon In Motiyon Ko Barbaad Karun

Is Akelepan Mein Deewaron Se Nahin
To Phir Kisase Baatein Karun

Sabhi Begane Hain
Kisi Apne Ko Mein Kya Yaad Karun

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05 Dec 2008 No Comment 43

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