Summer Love

A Sizzling Summer Day
That’s When We Love To Play
Your Mother Says I’ll Lead You Astray
Whose Life Is This Anyway

We’re Not Getting Any Younger
And For You I’m Consumed With A Hunger
I Tell You Age Is Nothing But A Number
And You Are The Last Rose Of The Summer

Love Has Brought Me To My Knees
It’s As Soft As A Warm Summer Breeze
It Can Be As Cool As You Please
I’ll Never Underestimate Your Abilities

A Sultry Summer Night
Hearts Beware Of Candlelight
With It’s Million Points Of Light
It Can Bring You Your Heart’s Delight

The Look In Your Eyes Says It All
Summer Kisses Cool In The Fall
You’ve Pitched Me A Curve Ball
But I’ll Come Running When You Call

Victoria Dame

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04 Oct 2020 No Comment 1

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