Suicide Note

I Wasn’t Crying When I Did It
My Eyes Were Closed
My Face Was Grim
But Not A Tear Was Shed

I Was Always Spoiled
Given What I Wanted
Given What I Didn’t
But I Swear I Wasn’t Greedy

Life Was Lived For Me
My Path Was Set From The Beginning (I Was To Be A Success)
If I Was Given Something I Undesired
I Was Unappreciative

I Was Drowning In All The Extras
Living A Life Too Rich
Everything Was Too Good For Me (She Was Way Too Good For Me)
I Wanted Equal Treatment

I Enjoyed That Shit
I Grew To Depend On It
I Didn’t Know What To Do Without It (I Didn’t Know What To Do With It)
I Simply Excepted All The Gifts

I Never Had To Do It On My Own
I Never Was Taught How
That Was Their Biggest Mistake
They Assumed Way Too Fucking Much

I Was D(R) Op(P) Ed For Not Appreciating What I Had
The Height Was Great Which I Was Held
So Much I Gave (So Much I Did)
But Credit Does Not Count

Lost Words Have No Meaning
Standards Always Change To Make Me Less
When I Did What They Said
I Didn’t Do What Was Expected

I Failed Them One Too Many Times
Now I Must Leave Behind All I Love
Because She Deserves Better Than I
And I’ll Take My Car

I Was D(R) Op(P) Ed With Everything
But Knowledge Of How To Do It
So I Took My Car And Flew
The Hill Was Not So High

I Wasn’t Crying When I Did It
I Never Cried For Them
I Bought My Car
It Was My Right

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29 May 2018 No Comment 2

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