Suicide Disruption

It Is Days Like Today – I Should Take The Time To Die
Cut Tender, Golden Skin
Stain It With Beloved Crimson Rivers
In Remembrance Of Painful Times – Excruciating Memories.
Who Lives Here?

There’s No One But Me – Living In The Land Of Disruption.
Only Malaise Remains Constant – Causing Present Deadly Thoughts
To Shift – Find Deeper Psychological Crevices To Crawl Beneath
Tearing My Soul To Shreds.
Am I Here?

Make No Mistake, Dear Beloved Witness To My Death
Take Note Of These Words – For They’re My Last:
‘To Love Is Man’s Biggest Mistake –
To Have Faith In Another Is His Second…
And Belief In Someone Who Believes In Nothing Is His Last.
For Death Shall Swiftly Come – Blast That Tortured Soul To Nothingness…
And Then –

Take Trust – Break It Apart – Until You Are Standing Alone…
Surrounded By The Drippings Of Bleeding Arteries – Veins
Wondering How You Came To This.
Betrayal Burns You Here – And God Has Turned His Face.
You Are But Alone – In A Sea Of Unknowns
Wrapping Shivering Arms Around A World Which Has Refused You.
Live For Something – And Die For Less
Those Words Will Forever Be Etched Upon These Lips.
Make No Mistake, Friend…
Heaven’s A Lie

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04 Sep 2008 No Comment

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