Success Or Failure

Failing in something we are succeeding in some other thing
Succeeding in something we are failing in some other thing
Failing in one venture one learns valuable lesson in life
Succeeding in one adventure, one gains ability to guide the world!

Comedy has tragedy and tragedy has comedy in the beginning
And so, life becomes as tragic comedy or comic tragedy in the world!
Life is a two part play like the day and night of everyday life
Whatever be the beginning, the ending is significant in life and work.

Whatever be the thing, it is in our hands to ascertain the good ending
One good turn deserves another, but bad turns need not deserve the same!
Great turning points in life should be understood to use them for the better
They are the success stories of many a man both in history and literature.

Instead, if one goes by one’s wish only it may become a sorry story later!
Knowing one’s Self, world and Nature one should have a vision of future
And look towards achieving something great with a good ambition in life
That’s the way one should live unmindful of success or failure in the world.

Ramesh T A

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02 Jul 2008 No Comment

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