Strength And Courage

It Takes Strength To Be Firm,
It Takes Courage To Be Gentle.

It Takes Strength To Stand Guard,
It Takes Courage To Let Down Your Guard.

It Takes Strength To Be Certain,
It Takes Courage To Have Doubt.

It Takes Strength To Fit In,
It Takes Courage To Stand Out.

It Takes Strength To Feel A Friend’s Pain,
It Takes Courage To Feel Your Own Pain.

It Takes Strength To Hide Your Own Pains,
It Takes Courage To Show Them.

It Takes Strength To Endure Abuse,
It Takes Courage To Stop It.

It Takes Strength To Stand Alone,
It Takes Courage To Lean On Another.

It Takes Strength To Survive,
It Takes Courage To Live

It Takes Strength To Love,
It Takes Courage To Be Loved.

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