Stranger That He Was

Stranger That He Was, From This World Apart
Came Near Me, Looked Deep In Eyez, Just Touched My Heart!

Held My Face In His Hands, Brought Me Closer
So Different Was His Style, He Was Like No Other!

Softness In His Touch, Magic Was His Personality
Cute Was His Smile, This Was Just Rare Reality!

Innocence On His Face, Sweet Were His Talks
Being With Me Or Not, He Still Became My Shadow, Was Always With Me In Walks!

Everywhere He Started To Be, In My Heart, In My Mind
Treated Me Like A Princess, Oh! He Was So Kind!

He Made All Dreams Come True, Had Sparkles In His Eyes
Gave Me Happiness Of This World, He Was A Gentleman – He Was So Wise!

Hands In Hands, Together We Always Walked,
Someone Can Be As Caring Like Him, Never Had I Thought!

Spent Every Moment In Love, Watched The Sunset And Sunshine,
Happiness Showered On Us Like This, The God Is So Divine!

He Has Captured My Thoughts, Resided In My Heart
Has Become A Part Of Me, Then Never To Part!

Without Him Today, I Am A Stranger From Me
He Changed My World Completely, By Saying Three Magic Words, I Love Thee!

More Shayari by Luv Priya
21 Aug 2008 No Comment 2

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