Strange Encounter

He sat me there in front of him
Questions in his eyes
He asked what I want from him
There was no place for lies

I felt my cheeks burn slowly
But that I refused to reveal
I felt he could see right through me
But there was nothing I wanted to conceal

As handsome as you are
It’s friendship I am after
I want to know who you are
And why you fill my soul with laughter

I could clearly see that he knew
There’s more to me than meets the eye
He respected my point of view
Yet to me it was a polite goodbye

Your guard should be up at all times
He made sure I understood
Sorry but your friendship I decline
I really wish I could

So many hidden implications
So many things were said
Strong looks of determination
Words circle in my head

Perhaps he wanted me to read
What’s hidden between the lines
To prove that this route will NOT lead
To anything so divine

Perhaps he wanted me to leave
But did not want to hurt my feelings
I know that he did not believe
That the truth I was revealing

Perhaps he is a real good man
A man after God’s heart
And that is why he doesn’t have fun
And kills it before it starts

So I guess I will let him be
Imposing is not my thing
And should he want a friend in me
A friend in me he shall win

I know beyond his handsome exterior
A sweet and gentle spirit does lie
He does not see he is superior
Yet holds such confidence in hazel eyes

So kind, compassionate, fun and true
You make my heart smile,
I do not have a crush on you
And that is not a lie!!

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05 Jul 2008 No Comment

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