Soorat -E- Zindagi Lafjon Mein Dikhane Wali

Soorat -E- Zindagi Lafjon Mein Dikhane Wali
Meri Her Baat Hai Beperwah Diwane Wali.

Humsafer Banke Mile The Humkadam Banke Chale
Zara Si Baat Per Kisti Meri Dubo Daali.

Daur -E- Chahat Mein Unhein Her Sitam Gawara Tha
Ab To Her Baat Batate Hain Bahane Wali.

Azeez Doston Mein Bhi Zaleel Dusman Hain
Jubaanein Paak Pakhte Hain Mager Niyat Kaali.

Musibaton Mein Bhi Kaam Aa Na Sake
Jinpe Takiya Tha Unka Gher Khaali.

Aur Ab To Wo Bhi Jamane Ka Adaw Karte Hain
Jinhone Tod Di Her Rasm Jamane Wali.

Yoon Mila Mastghan Wafa Ka Sila
Fareb Dil Ko Aur Humein Gaali.

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