Some Acts Have A Life

How Many Emotions
Make Up For Each Notion,
How Many Notions Enhance
Other Emotions.

From Acorns Of Senses
Great Oaks Take Root,
Rise Into The Heavens
Laden With Branches Of Feelings,

Budding Leaves Of Nerves,
Ganglions Of Senses
Intersecting Entwining And Whining
Crisscrossing Back And Forth,

An Act Comes To Life
Emotions Assembled Breathe
Life Into Action And Deed
Borne Of Reason And Senses

Birthed And Created
In That Image,

Not All Acts Survive
Some Are Stillborn, Some Ignored
Still Others Get Lost
Or Fall Off The Beaten Track

Some Become So Great As To
Enslave The Creator,
Or Teach The Lesson
Of Independence,

Some Are Remembered
Some Are Forgot, Some Are Happy
Some Are Sad Some Are Dead
Some Are Stuff That Dreams Are Made

Begets A Life Of Its Own
Climbs Into Heavens
Soars Above The Clouds
Wings Its Way To Eternity

Paving A Road,
Cutting A Path Through
Forests And Jungles,
Swimming Rivers And Oceans

The Act Soon Forgets
The Author Of Its Being
Claims Acclaim For Its Own
Giving Birth To Another
And Another And
So On To Infinity

More Shayari by Shimon Weinroth
02 Sep 2008 No Comment

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