So Scared

Are You Ever Scared Of Anything?
Something Big Or Something Small?
It Chills You Right Down To The Bone,
Not Knowing When It May Call?

I’m Afraid Of Lots Of Things,
In This I’ll Name A Few,
Most Of Them I’ve Had Forever,
A Few Of Them Brand New.

I’m Afraid Of Little Stuff,
A Clown, Some Blood, A Spider.
I’m Afraid Of Seeing Fists Being Thrown,
I Never Was A Fighter.

I’m Afraid I’ll Lose My Looks In Life,
Maybe Gain A Lot Of Weight.
I Know I Don’t Get To Pick My Path,
Therefor I’m Scared Of Fate.

I’m Afraid That I Don’t Love My Father,
I’m Terrified To Turn Out Like Him.
I Know I Don’t Resemble Him,
But With Heredity You Sometimes Can’t Win.

I’m Afraid Something Will Happen To My Mother,
My Wall, My Companion And Friend.
After 20 Years Of Love And Trust,
I Can’t Imagine The Pain Could End.

I’m Deeply Afraid Of The Past,
And That Doesn’t Mean Only My Own.
Its A Novel Thats Filled With Hatred And Love,
That Sooner Or Later Demands To Be Shown.

I’m Terrified Someone Will Take Him From Me,
And Rip Him Right Out Of My Hold,
I’m Afraid Someone Will Miss His Warm Touch,
And Try To Come In From The Cold.

I’m Afraid He Won’t Undersatnd All This,
That My Insecurities Come Right From My Heart.
I Love Him So Much That Is Scares Me.
How Could I Live, Ever Being Apart?

I’m Scared That He Won’t Love Me,
Ten Years Down The Road.
No Longer Will I Be His Compainion,
But Just Another Load.

I’m Scared He’ll Miss His Old Life,
Who He Was Before He Met Me.
If He Decides That Life Is Right For Him,
I Can’t Imagine Where I Would Be.

Maybe My Fears Are Uncalled For
After All, He’s The Only Man I’m Sure Of.
Of All The Things That I Don’t Know,
I’m Positive He’s The Man I’m Supposed To Love.

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11 Jul 2008 No Comment

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