So Close Together

As A Bird Soaring Through
The Highest Clouds
Our Love Has Taken Us To
The Highest Skies
To See A View So Beautiful
To The Eyes Sight
We Will Soar So High Into
The Endless Night.

As A Romantic Moon Lite
Summer Night
Stars And The Moon Shall
Fall Into Place
We’ll End The Night With
A Tender Kiss
With Your Tender Kiss My
Heart Will Race.

As A Red Rose Nurtured By
Natures Soft Touch
And Caressed Gently With
Hands So Loving
This Red Rose Blossoms So
As The Beauty That I See In
You Has To Me.

As The Orange Sunset That
Meets The Horizon
Admired From Afar By Two
Passionate Lovers
Although Love Sometimes
Seems So Distant
Love Has Brought You And
I So Close Together.

by bcassata 

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10 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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