Sitting By The Broken Window

Sitting By The Broken Window
Thoughts Began To Unfold Within Me
How The Simple Things In Life Make Me Happy
& The Little Joys That Brightens Up My Day

Like The Colorful Vibrant Rainbows In The Sky
The Aroma Of The Pretty Little White Roses
The Soft Rhythm Of The Falling Rain
Tiny Little Dewdrops On The Dry Rusty Leaves

Playful Children And Pretty Faces
All The Lovely Thoughts Made Me Think Of You
How Blessed I Am To Have You With Me
To Share My Happiness And Sorrows

Those Beautiful Twinkling Eyes Staring At Me
The Healing Touch That Erases A Million Scars
The Sparkling Smile That Lightens Up My Soul
The Caring Look That Makes Me Feel So Alive

Everything Is So Wonderful With You By My Side
It Is You, Who Makes All The Difference
It Is You Who Lends Me The Courage And
The Will To Go On To Look At Every New

Day As An Oasis In The Desert
It Is You And Only You My Sweetheart
Who Gives A Deep Meaning To My Life
Thank You For Being There Always
Thank You For Loving Me The Way I Love You

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19 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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