Sirf Ek Ahasas

Pedo Se Jab Pate Girten Hai Toh,
Usko:” Patjarh” Kehete Hain,
Aur Jab Naye Fool Khilte Hain Toh,
Usko” Vasant ” Kehete Hain,
Dur Milne Ka Abhas Liye,
Jab Dharti Gagan Milte Hain,
Toh Usko “Kshitij ” Kehete Hain
Tera Mera Milna Kya Hai……….?
Ise Na Toh “Vasant,”
Na Toh “Patjhar”
Aur Na “Kishitij ” Kehete Hain!
Yeh Toh Sirf Ek Ahasas Hai,
Ahasas ,
Kuch Nahi, Ek Pangdandi Hai,
Tumse Mujhe Tak Aati Hui,
Main Aur Tum,
Tum Aur Main,
Jiske Agge Shuneay Hai Sab……………….

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 4

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