Sinned I Have Cheated I Have

Sinned I Have Cheated I Have, Loved I Have Yet Still,
I Am Touching The Ground That I Walk On
My Hands Gently Moving Around The Surface
Staring Down Into My Shadows Face

The Sun Finishing Its Set Falling Into Crepuscule
My Shadow Disappears My Head My Body Bowing Down
Eyes Wide Shut Reminiscing The Past And It
Moments That Brought Me Down
To My Senses When I Looked Into Her Eyes

To The Ground When I First Saw Her
Onto My Knees Where I Am Today
Begging For Forgiveness Trying To Forget My Grieves
Small Particles Of Dirt Gather In My Hands

My Eyes Open Wide Darkness Camouflages The Dirt
Yet Still, My Face Is Buried Within,
Enshrouded In A Pile Of Dirt, My Breathing Becomes Difficult
Each Breath Struggling To Blow Away A Haunting Memory

Memories That Did Not Need To Be Made
Yet Still My Mistakes Cause Them To Never Fade
The Stones Become Harder To Hold In My Hand
Harder To Crush My Body Still As A Rock My Face

Suffocating Inside Of The Dirt A Merited Punishment
Yet Still I Am Able To Breathe Again
My Mind Only Thinks Of Her Again Lost Again
In My Own Thoughts Have I Been Forgiven

I Look To The Heavens For Answers
The Sublime Beauty Of The Night Yet Still
Incomparable To The Beauty Of Her First Sight
A Sudden Glow Appears Or Is It Just Her Face

The Magical Light That I First Saw In Her Eyes
The Light That She Showed Me Notwithstanding My Lies
The Light That I Only See And Believe In When Closing My Eyes

A View Of Heaven, A Sign Of Hope, A Small Dot It Is,
Out Of Orbit Out Of This World Out Of The Ordinary
Yet Still I Cannot Blink I Stare Into Space
Or Is It Just Her Face Why Do I See It From Afar
You Have Come Into My Life

More Shayari by Aman Raj Rattan
    25 Aug 2008 No Comment 3

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