Silly me

I Loved Him
More Than Words Can Embody Highly He Held Me Above Everybody
I Was His Queen And If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Perphaps I Wouldn’t Have Played Because Since When
I’ve Met You I Can Honestly Say No Man Had Never Treated The Way That You Have

I Loved You More Than I Have Ever Loved Anyone Else
Sometimes More Than Myself

But The Whole Time With You Wasn’t Bliss You Gave Me More Heartache
More Than One Can Even Dream Of
Yet I Wouldn’t Take It Back For Nothing
Because Even If I Don’t Ever Find A Man Half The Man That You
Were I’ll Take The Scare That You Gave Me Along With The Lesson That Came With Them

I Always Said That I Was Kinda Twisted Because For Some
Reason I Always Did Enjoy The Pain Of A Heartache
And With You So Many Time That’s What I Faced

I Never Knew Dept Of Your Love For Me

Honestly It Was Like He Gon Do Him And I’m Gon Do Me And
When We Get Together Then We’ll See,What Would Be Come Of We
But All This Time It Was More Like I Wasn’t Ready For The
Pressure That Came With The Commitment That Came With The Love
All This Time I Thought That It Was You Pushing
Me Away And When Really It Was Me Pushing Away Myself

I Don’t At All Blame You For A Second Of The Heartache That You Caused
I Don’t At All Blame You For Not Even One Out Of Maybe
A Million Tears I’ve Shed During Thoes Four Year We Were Whatever We Were
I Only Blame Myself Cause You Were Ready And I Wasn’t
You Alwqays Told Me You Would Leave But You Always Came Back
And Because Of That I Took You For Granted Now Your Gone Definitely It Seems
And There’s No One To Blame But Me

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