Silky And Warm

Silky And Warm A Tear Slides Down
Catching The Moon Beam.

A Rainbow In A Pool Of Sadness.
Harsh But Delicate Strong Yet Fragile.

It’s Become A Test.Instinct Verse Fate
Hurt Verse Love.

The Emptiness Is Shelter
A Harbor In It’s Own Love.

The Net To Run Too.
A Coldness To Bare

Alone For All To See.
A Crowd Of Many

But Still She Stands Alone.
Just Another Face.

Alone Wolf Forever And Always.
Her Way Is Not For Most

The Life Of A Lone Wolf.
To Embrace Solitude.

The Coldness Always Your Friend.
Not To Catch You, But To Help You Fall.

Strong As An Oak
Weak As A Rose.

None Would Know
The Sadness And Emptiness

Of The Lone Wolf’s Heart.
Her Heart Can No Longer Heal

The Damage Has Been Done.
Her Ways Have Been Set.

She Has Become One.A Lone She Walks
The Wolf One So Fierce.

The Wolf So Fragile
She Would Never Reveal.

The Lone Wolf Until The End.
Until Her Last Breath

Whispers To The Wind.
May The Wind Guide You

And Your Heart Take You By The Hand
As The Starlight Brightens Your Way.

Away From The Tears And Darkness
Away From The Life Of The Lone Wolf.

More Shayari by Aditya Neal
25 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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