Sikkon Kii Khanak Mein

Sikkon Kii Khanak Mein Naam-E-Mashaqat Badnaam Karta Hain
Wo Mera Khuda Nahin Jo Mandiron Mein Aaraam Karta Hain

Jindaagi Ke Nashtar Kya Jhelega Us Shaksh Kaa Seena
Sar Jhuka Kar Bejaan Buton Ko Jo Salaam Karta Hain

Pandit-Mulla Jab Se Bane Hain Dalaal Kursi Walon Ke
Neta Har Koi Aabroo-E-Mulq Nilaam Karta Hain

Majhabi Taqreeron Se Bhukhe Pet Nahin Bhara Karte
Do Haath Hain Khuda Uske Jo Kaam Karta Hain

Khuda Kyuun Nahin Utarta Us Dam Jamin Par Kureel
Majhabi Junon Mein Insaan Jab Qatal-E-Aam Karta Hain

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27 Dec 2019 No Comment 25

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