Should The Tomorrows End

There Was A Time That I Looked Forward To Tomorrow
With Unending Hope In My Heart.
Would Tomorrow Bring New Reasons For Happiness?
Will It Take Away Pain With The Joy Of A Promise Of A New Start?

For Me, Tomorrow Meant A Chance To Show All You Meant To Me
In This Love That We Found In Each Other For So Long.
These Feelings Inside Us That Gave Us Freedom To Be Who We Were
And Made Our Hearts Sing Like A Beautiful Song.

As Time Went By, The Wind Took A Change In Direction.
Your Heart Started To Look Elsewhere And Your Emotions Started To Fade Away.
Even Though You Knew That I Was Still There
You Felt This Need That You Shouldn’t Care.
From Then On, Tomorrow For Me Was Just Another Day.

If You Were To Leave This Earth At Any Chosen Moment,
I Would Find Comfort In These Things Inside Me That You Know.
These Things That Are Etched Forever Into My Heart
Emotions From Loving You That Will Always Affect Me Wherever I Go.

I Know That You Would Know What The Feeling Of What True Love Was.
How It Felt To Love A Person Without Any Bounds
And Feeling That Love Returned In Kind To You
With Such Joy In This Thing That We’ve Searched For And Finally Found.

You Would Know In Every Sunset, It’s Your Face That I See In Its Glow.
In Every Breeze, I Feel The Touch Of Your Delicate Hand On My Face.
In Its Warmth, I Feel Your Arms Around Me
Feeling Calmer Than In Any Place Than I’ve Ever Known.

You Would Know That Even On The Nights When You’re Not The Last Thing
That I Think About As I Lay My Head To Rest…
You’re Still The First I Think About When I Awake Because You Still
Appear In My Dreams…which Make Them All The Best.

You Would Know That In The Park That We Always Found Solitude,
That I Will Always Envision You Driving There So We Could Be Together.
Knowing That In Each Of These Precious Moments That We Strived To Share
Would Be Special For Both Of Us No Matter What The Weather.

You Would Know What It Was Like To Be Kissed
With A Passion Only Held Only For You.
You Would Know How Making Love Really Felt
And How It Differed From All Others…so Warm And So True.

Though You Will Know That I Will Survive My Days Without You,
You Will Also Know That In Those Days, Life For Me Will Be More
About Seeing Through Just Another Day….
Instead Of Really Living As I Have With You.

Though Happy As I Am About These Things That You Know,
I Can’t Help But Wonder As I Lie Awake At Night.
Should The Tomorrows End For Me Baby….
Do I Know Everything I Should Know?
I Hope That I Do.
For My Heart Will Be Forever Filled
With Loving Memories Of You…

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